Lightning Connect

Lightning Network Simplified

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Introducing Lightning Connect

Your onramp to the Lightning Network

The Lightning Connect Advantage

Easily harness the power of the Lightning Network
without giving up control of your Bitcoin

Lightning Fast Setup

Fast to setup and fast to transact; get your node up and running at peak performance in minutes

Set-and-Forget Super Channels

Say goodbye to manually balancing channel liquidity ever again, and hello to the only channel you'll ever need

Powerful App Integrations

Get the most out of your Lightning node by installing apps from our app store; instantly add eCommerce, invoicing, and more

World-Class Security & Support

Built on hardened infrastructure and supported by industry-leading service; rest-easy knowing our expert team is on the job

Lightning Fast Setup

Our setup wizard makes it easy to spin-up your very own
high-performance noncustodial Lightning Node in minutes

Super Channels

Tell us how much you want to send, hold and receive
We'll handle the rest

Powerful App Integrations

Discover and install a wide variety of apps through our app directory
Get the most value out of your Lightning node

World-Class Security and Support

Rest easy knowing your node is supported by dedicated DevOps
engineers, cloud architects, security experts and service professionals

Join the #LiFi Revolution

Lightning Connect makes it easy